Wise Owl One Hour Ceramic Paint

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What is OHC? 100% acrylic matte wall finish formulated with ceramic microspheres that offer superior stain resistance and supreme depth of color. This matte finish has a unique softness to the touch that is to be celebrated! What makes One Hour Ceramic Luxury Interior Paint It’s all about state of the art self-crosslinking resin and 3m Ceramic Microsphere Technology! In other low sheen or matte coatings pigments stick up out of surface of the resin to create a matte finish because the resin would otherwise be glossy. These pigments are rough because they are minerals that are repeatedly crushed until they are very small. The process results in a particle with a coarse surface that is difficult to remove a stain from. In One Hour Ceramic the Ceramic Microspheres reduce the gloss of the coating while improving its stain resistance and wash-ability. Another great advantage of the OHC is that unlike conventional coatings the OHC is Matte in any color. In conventional coatings manufactures have to increase the sheen of their deep and ultra bases to maintain wash-ability, this is unnecessary with a ceramic fortified finish ensuring that you get a fully saturated color in a rich matte finish in any of our 25 beautiful colors. Sheen-truly matte! This hides imperfections and disperses light instead of reflecting it; this allows the most depth of color without sheen. Supreme Stain resistance properties! The ceramic micro beads will not absorb stains like other matte finish paint filled with mattifying agents made from rock. The strength and scrub-ability is fantastic! Self-priming on most surfaces! Self pruning on all drywall, cured plaster, and masonry substrates. Bare metal or wood should be primed with Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer. Self-leveling! Application is a breeze with self-leveling properties. It Is engineered to reduce or eliminate any drag and to promote a more user friendly painting experience. This gives novice painters an edge and produces professional results! SPECS and Safety Coverage-350-400 sq ft/gal. The incredible coverage comes from the pigment ingredient’s quality and ratios. We use only high strength zero voc pigments for colorant. Why isn’t OHC a zero VOC wall paint? OHC is extremely low VOC at 50 g/l. It Is engineered to reduce or eliminate any drag by increasing open time. Recoat time: 1-2 hours depending on color, climate, and application. Not for outdoors. Formulated for interior walls only. Faster cure time! Self-cross-linking resin typically has better wash-ability and scrub resistance at 10 days than other conventional coatings! Directions for Use: Application is a breeze with self-leveling properties. Surface must be dry and free of all dust, debris, and loose paint. It will adhere to anything clean, dry and dull. When primer is needed use Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer. Stir thoroughly. Apply with a brush, roller, or spray. For optimal results use a 3/8” nap roller cover. Flow on generously, brushing lightly from unpainted to painted areas. For spray application this product may be thinned with water. Do not exceed thinning with more than one pint of water per gallon. Easy soap and water clean-up. Available in Gallon sizes. Message for 5-gallon size availability One Hour Ceramic Luxury Interior Paint comes in 25 gorgeous colors! 1. Boca Grande: The palest, minty blue. Spa like and serene. 2. Renovation Gray: A strong, medium gray with just a touch of blue undertones. This shade is an amazing and accessible neutral that compliments so many colors. 3. White Birch: The palest gray that is almost on the white spectrum. 4. Hemingway: Pigment drenched botanical green with the slightest blue undertones. 5. Black Garnet: Deep jewel tones of garnet meets carbon. 6. Labyrinth: A deep and dark peacock blue with a touch of green. 7. Eon: Vintage tones of duck egg meets subtle vintage French blue. 8. Sage Rain: Sage leaf with vintage mossy tones. 9. Iconic Gray: A barely warm but still true gray. One of the most accessible neutrals in the OHC lineup. 10. Luxe: Graphite meets inkwell with tones of indigo. 11. Moroccan Sunset: Burnt orange and red meet to create this unique shade of coral/terra cotta red. 12. Graphic Slate: A deep gray with slate blue tones. 13. No. 9: Glam for days. The prettiest and palest nude/coral pink. 14. Atomic Blue: True navy meets royal blue. 15. Nefarious: Mulberry Indigo meets medium-dark gray. 16. Abyss: Our bestselling color of all time. Blue green vintage tones of the deepest seas. 17. Inkwell: Blue black is the new black! This shade of the deepest blue is on its way to being black. 18. 1987: A soft nude beige pink. A trending shade of awesome! 19. Snow Owl: Our bright white with a side of white. The purest white! 20. Alabaster: An antique white that is the perfect shade of aged linen. 21. Jet black: True black that is deep and rich. 22. Sea Salt: This soft beachy shade is blue/green/gray and white all rolled up into a color that seems to change along with the influence of the sun. 23. Smokey Quartz: A medium true gray with the slightest touch of warmth. 24. Antique Villa: A soft white without being a dirty white. The perfect off white that compliments all shades. 25. Blush: The palest and most delicate, peony pink.